The Diplomat Franchise Now Has Three Separate Blogs

The Diplomat has been renovated and now houses its three primary categories of content on three separate WordPress websites. You can think of it as different sub-domains for the same site. Obviously, our original blog is still running, and will continue to house all of our articles and columns here. Next, our former BCC blog …

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Harry Potter: Is It Satanic?

Harry Potter is a wildly popular series of seven fictional novels (plus several additional books written later) by J.K. Rowling following some kids who attend a wizardry/witchcraft school called Hogwarts. The series glorifies witches and wizards, and has a lot of anti-biblical aspects to it in general. Today we will be answering the question of …

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Denny Hamlin Wins Postponed Daytona 500; Ryan Newman Hospitalized After Final Lap Wreck

RPC Sports Blog

Today’s postponed Daytona 500 ended badly after veteran NASCAR driver Ryan Newman, battling for the lead, crashed in to the wall after losing control of his race car, causing the vehicle to be hit by another driver, Corey Lajoie propelling Newman into the air. The car slid upside down in flames over the finish line before coming to a stop. Newman did not get out of the vehicle. Crews have removed him from the car and taken him to a nearby hospital; no further information is currently available.

It was 19 years ago at the Daytona 500 that a similar accident took the life of NASCAR legend and father of recent NASCAR retiree Dale Earnhardt Jr., Dale Earnhardt, who was also on the final lap of the race when he crashed. We will soon have updated information on Ryan Newman’s condition, so stay tuned.

Colton Beckwith

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